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Spectroscopy Solutions

We have the Spectroscopy Solutions.

Chrom Africa is proud to announce the addition of the Thermo Scientific Molecular Spectroscopy range to its ever increasing Portfolio. The Molecular Spectroscopy range includes Ultraviolet–Visible and Visible Spectrometry (UV-Vis and Vis), NIR Infrared (NIR), Raman Spectroscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

This portfolio of innovative molecular spectroscopy solutions is tailored to meet your specific requirements – from quality control to analytical services, from teaching to academic research. Whether you are looking for single-beam, dual-beam or double beam, specific wavelength range, bandwidths, lamps (tungsten and Xenon), or detectors we have the UV-Vis and Visible spectrophotometer to meet your needs.