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Mass Spectometry Solutions

We have the Mass Spectometry Solutions.

Liquid Chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) combines chromatography with mass spectrometry. This enables confident identification and deep mining of a vast range of compounds that includes small molecules, environmental contaminants, drug metabolites, pesticides, and protein complexes. High resolution, accurate mass (HRAM) data can be acquired using the novel Thermo Scientific ™ Orbitrap ™ based mass spectrometers.

These Orbitrap mass spectrometers include the Q-Exactive, Q-Exactive Focus, Q-Exactive Plus, Q-Exactive HF, and Fusion. These instruments enable specificity and high confidence due to the exceptional high resolving power producing HRAM data. Orbitraps also offer excellent dynamic range and sensitivity for deep mining into compounds of small molecules as well as proteomes with excellent performance. The Exactive series HRAM Mass spectrometers are benchtop mass spectrometers with excellent resolution that allows identification, quantification and confirmation of compounds.